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The fall air is crisp. Mornings are cool, calm, tranquil. Mountain views are endless. Gone are motorcycles-riding and leaf-gawking tourists on the parkway. The night sky is gloriously starlit and infinite.


This is Little Switzerland in mid-November.


The venerable, rustic, and cozy Big Lynn Lodge welcomes knitters and fiber artists with smiles, wholesome cooked-to-order breakfasts and filling family-style suppers.


Unleash your creative self and leave routines, schedules, smartphones, cars, dogs, and kids behind.


And, have fun!


$60 Retreat Fee paid at the time of room reservation.  


Room and meals start at $120/night.  Contact the Big Lynn Lodge (Phone:  828-765-4257) to reserve rooms and pay retreat fee. 


November 11-15, 2020


K2tog Fall Retreat

  • Should something unforeseen occur let us know as soon as possible and we'll apply your deposit to a future retreat or tour of your choice.  

    If we’re forced to cancel a retreat or tour a refund will be issued immediately.  

  • Power outages due to high winter winds or ice storms are extremely rare in Little Switzerland.  However, we recommend being prepared by bringing with you the following:

    • Lithium phone charger
    • Flashlight
    • Heavy blanket
    • Portable light to wrap around your head or neck